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Current Practice Availability Special Notice
Wynfield Counseling is currently operating from a wait list and providing nearly all services via online therapy. I have expanded my office hours to include availability throughout the day, Monday through Thursday. I am seeing good results with online therapy so don't hesitate to reach out if you or your relationship needs support. You may request in-person appointments, but, such sessions are only available in limited cases.

Welcome! My name is Ted, and I am a relationship therapist. I’ve dedicated my career to mending romantic bonds by using the most advanced techniques available. If you’re looking for a deeper sense of self, increased intimacy with your partner(s), and more effective ways to communicate what’s important in your relationships, then you’re in the right place.

This website is filled with a wealth of information that will help your relationship and help you understand relationship therapy so make sure you explore everything that Wynfield Counseling has to offer.

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You're likely wondering about my approach to therapy so here it is. Your relationship is one-of-a-kind and your life experiences are unique and nuanced, so the first step will for be for me to get to know you individually and as partners. I’ll help you identify your strengths, growth edges, and conflict cycle so we have the basis for effective therapy. In the room, my style feels like an honest conversation that will help you uncover stuck points in a safe and constructive way. I can hear the skeptics out there saying "I just can't imagine this conflict going any other way" and I totally get where you're coming from. But, I've found, when I'm in the room as a neutral third party, new paths forward open up. 

Call Now: 970-528-0433

I've trained extensively in an approach called Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT). This approach is the most scientifically-validated treatment for couples and partners right now, showing significant change with about 75% of clients, and moderate change for about 25%. I utilize EFT because I believe it's the best the field has to offer and because the approach works directly on the foundation of your relationship. The science is clear that when you deconstruct your pattern of conflict, you defuse the most triggering parts of your conflict cycle, which empowers you to take risks and engage with your partner in a new experience of emotional safety and trust.

Who I Work With

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Therapy Services

It's my belief that every individual has the innate abilities they need to cultivate meaningful life experiences. It is my goal to help you focus on and explore all the ways that you can grow toward the future that you want.

Couple's Therapy

I work with couples around all manner of intimacy and relationship issues including folks identifying as LGBTQIA+ . My experiences have shown me that fostering better communication, and helping you express the things you find most important, can promote a new experience of healing in your relationship.

Non-monogomy & Polyamory
Non-Monogamy and Polyamory

I provide specialized support for those seeking to explore a new way of relationship to others and for those looking to hone their practice of non-monogamy/polyamory. However you structure your life and relationships, I am excited to work with you.


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2305 Canyon Blvd #101, Boulder, CO 80302

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