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Community Work

Here are a few things I do in my community.

Presentations for Professional Organizations and Work Groups

My specialty is romantic relationships and particularly those that are non-monogamous in nature. There's a need for professionals who can speak to and train other therapists in how to effectively treat dynamic romantic systems in an ethical and competent way. I have facilitated a number of training opportunities for professional groups looking to bolster their practice with non-monogamous individuals and systems. My tailored approach to training allows for the training regime to be just the right fit for your needs. Please utilize the inquiry tool below if you would like to receive a training from me!

Honorarium Faculty at CU Denver

It is my honor to teach Professional Identity and Relational Ethics at the University Colorado of Denver for the Couples and Family Therapy Counseling program. The course fosters the necessary competencies to ethically treat systems of clients with an inclusive perspective that values inclusion. The course also covers aspects of professional development like practice management, licensure, and the legal responsibilities of CFT's. 

Presentations for High School

Starting with my alma matre, Fairview High School, I regularly make a number of presentations in psychology courses each semester regarding what working in the mental health field is like and how to go about pursuing a career in mental health. My presentations have been received warmly by high school students and tend to prompt important conversations about mental health during the presentation and in future classes. It would be my pleasure to come to your school and speak to your class about the mental health field. Please use the standard contact form on my main page to request a presentation.

Collaborate with Me

I value creativity and collaboration in all the forms they can come in. If you have an idea for something and you'd like to work with me, let me know! I find that many of my most interesting conversations about mental health are outside of my office in the greater community. 

Contact Me to Book a Session or with Inquiries

Thanks! Message sent.

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