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Couples Counseling and 

Relationship Therapy in Boulder, CO

How do we stop fighting and get back to the good times? When I work with couples I usually hear this same question in one form or another. Often, you're trying so hard to do something different or say something different when you feel a conflict coming on but, despite your best efforts, the same fight seems to keep happening. My name is Ted Wynfield, I'm a relationship therapist, and I want you to know that you're not alone if you're getting caught up in the same conflict cycle over and over again.

Old patterns of conflict can hold us back. One of the first things I do to start to help your conflict cycle change is to break your pattern of conflict down into pieces so its easier to understand. My clients are often surprised at what they discover when they look at their conflict not as a confusing mess but as one step that leads to another. More often than not, the way we approach conflict is rooted in old experiences with family members or romantic partners that resulted in lessons learned and coping strategies made about how to handle conflict in the future. Do those old strategies still fit now? You'd be surprised how often they don't.

A Map to Success. Now that we have your cycle broken down into pieces, your unique conflict cycle becomes our guide map for what we need to work on. Each step in the cycle becomes a piece of the puzzle to understand and work through. Each emotion in the cycle become a signpost that help use discover the deeper root causes of your struggles. Over time, as you start to feel trust the therapeutic process, you will feel more and more able to talk about what really matters and what you need deep down at the end of the day.

Experience is Key. I have ​provided therapy to many couples over the course of my career. Couples work represents the majority of the work I've done because I find this work to be the most meaningful work I can do. When you seek a relationship therapist you need someone with a focus relationships, what makes them work, and someone who's seen a lot of different relationships issues, that's me.

Who is Ted Wynfield? Ted Wynfield is a relationship therapist with a Masters in Counseling with a specialization in the Couples and Family Therapy. Ted has sought out and completed advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) which is the most scientifically-validated approach for relationship therapy at this time.


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